Meet the Pioreactor


The Pioreactor: Revolutionizing Biotechnology at Home The Pioreactor, a groundbreaking innovation in the field of biotechnology, has brought the power of scientific experimentation right into the homes of enthusiasts and professionals alike. This compact and user-friendly device is changing the way researchers conduct experiments, paving the way for new discoveries and advancements in various fields. What is the Pioreactor? The Pioreactor is a fully automated, open-source fermentation device that provides an ideal setting for cultivating microorganisms. It allows users to monitor and control various parameters such as temperature, pH, and…

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Common Biotech Buzzwords and Descriptions

laboratory test tubes

Buzzword Description Gene Editing The process of modifying an organism’s genetic material to achieve desired traits or characteristics. It involves targeted changes to the DNA sequence, such as adding, deleting, or modifying specific genes. CRISPR A revolutionary gene-editing technology that allows scientists to precisely modify an organism’s DNA. CRISPR-Cas9, the most widely used CRISPR system, uses a molecular tool to guide the editing process by directing the Cas9 enzyme to cut the DNA at specific locations, enabling the addition, removal, or modification of genetic material. Biopharmaceuticals Medicinal products derived from…

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