Andrew Smith (Founder)

My name is Andrew Smith, and I have spent nearly 25 years working in IT as a network administrator, with approximately 18 of those years specifically in the MES field. Previously, I worked for Emerson, where my roles included Network Administrator and Senior Advanced Services Engineer, where I engaged directly with customers.

A little over a year ago, I joined Bristol Myers Squibb as a Senior Manager of the Global MES Platform team. In this capacity, I leverage my IT and Syncade expertise to help implement MES solutions in manufacturing sites around the world.

Supporting custom software can be incredibly challenging due to the fact that much of the knowledge to maintain and troubleshoot such systems is kept in-house and not accessible to the public. While vendor-based support will always be necessary, minimizing downtime is crucial, as it directly impacts patients, profits, and prevents operator frustration on the factory floor that can be avoided.

Having the ability to solve complex issues without relying solely on vendors allows them to focus on providing solutions for unknown problems. Ultimately, my hope is that everyone benefits from using this platform—both professionals and vendors alike. We have a unique opportunity to share our expertise and bring complex technical issues to the forefront, creating a readily accessible web-accessible database of knowledge. After all, knowledge is power!

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Network Administration, MES Systems, Syncade Troubleshooting & Support, Installations, Migrations, Consulting, Scripting / Tool Development, Process Automation, System Design & Integration, Testing, Technical Document Writing, R&D, Cyber Security, System / Network Design, Audit & Sales Support, Reverse Engineering.

DeltaV, BI, and PI installation, deployment, and troubleshooting experience.

Proficient with the following technologies:

VMWare based Virtualization, Active Directory, DNS, SQL, IIS, NLB’s, MSMQ, DTC, COM / DCOM, SMTP, Certificate Authorities, SSL, Office Automation, Firewalls, Backup Systems, ActivePDF, AnywhereUSB, SQL AlwaysOn, Load Balancing, PowerShell / Scripting, Fiddler, Beyond Compare.

Memberships: Infragard Tampa Bay

Career Achievements:

One of the main engineers from Emerson responsible for building, deploying, and supporting multiple MES systems used in the manufacturing of the COVID-19 vaccines.

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